Family Discipleship Seminars

Kevin is available to teach a 2-3 hour family discipleship seminar to the parents in your church. An overview of this type of seminar is included below. This seminar focuses on the application of Deuteronomy 6, Ephesians 6:4, and other Bible passages that command parents to disciple their children.

Pricing for these seminars is flexible, but normally includes coverage of travel costs from Hampton, VA and an appropriate stipend.


  1. Children generally follow in the faith footsteps of their parents.
  2. A few hours of church each week are not enough to ground children in the gospel.
  3. Children are more likely to remain in the faith through a partnership of church and home.

Why: Children Need It

Many parents “outsource” the discipleship of their children to religious professionals. This course teaches parents how to reclaim their role as primary disciple-makers of their children, and the church how to celebrate parents and equip them in their role.

What: Discipleship Not Parenting

The class will not focus on parenting skills beyond what it means to disciple children and help them grow in their faith. There is a time and a place for that, but this class focuses specifically on family discipleship.

Who: Everyone

Even if you no longer have children at home, or you do not have children, this is still a fantastic opportunity for you! Maybe your grandchildren or great-grandchildren need to hear about Jesus outside of church. The course aides the development of intergenerational church life. Whether you are 18 or 88, this class is for you.

Example Schedule

5:30 – Welcome, Introduction
5:35 – Session 1 – Why Family Discipleship?
6:00 – Session 2 – What is Family Discipleship?
6:25 – Break
6:35 – Session 3 – A Church Based Family-Equipping Ministry
7:00 – Session 4 – Tools for Family Discipleship
7:25 – Wrap-up

7:30 – End, Optional Q&A time