Children and Sanctification

37969538_10104502112143528_5810828865857126400_nMy son Micah is a fun kid.  We have a blast together. He’s my little buddy and I’m his “buddy daddy.” He’s full of energy and never runs out of things to say. I absolutely love being his dad. Recently someone asked me what I do, and I told them about being in ministry, but I also said “but more than anything I’m a husband and a dad. I love my family more than anything.”

As amazing a Micah is, and as much fun as I have with him, he is still a toddler. He has the seemingly innate ability to push me to the limits of my patience. Whether it’s potty training mishaps, throwing things (soft things!) at his 6-week old sister, or just not listening to me or his mom, I find myself losing my patience often.

It’s interesting because I’ve always thought I am a kind and patient person. So my tendency is to pass the blame. “He just doesn’t listen. I used to be patient, but now he’s made me lose my patience more often.” But it’s not his fault at all, is it? The truth is he doesn’t make me do anything… he just reveals what is already there. When Micah makes me angry, it reveals an area where I need to learn to be slow to anger. When I lose my patience, he has helped reveal an area where I need to learn grace.

Since I became a dad in February 2016, I have been awestruck by the sanctifying nature of children. I thank God that I have received the gift of my two kids, not only because they are a joy, but because they are a measure of His grace. Through my children, God reveals sin in my life, which allows me to repent of that sin and become more like Him.

We parents love the beginning part of Ephesians 6, which tells children to obey their parents. But the fourth verse turns the command inward, where it tells us to not provoke our children to anger. God calls us to be sanctified continuously, becoming more like Him, the God who is ever slow to anger with His children.

Whether or not you have children, we are all called to be sanctified by His Spirit. 2 Corinthians 3:18 says “And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another.” We can take heart that the Spirit is transforming us day by day! May we seek the Lord continuously that we may be in tune with the Spirit and allow Him to sanctify us.

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