Christian Life Survey

EDIT: (7/29/17, 10:00pm) This survey has been completed. Please look for results within the next couple weeks. Thanks!

If you are a church member, attender, or just consider yourself a Christian, could you please take this Christian Life Survey? This will help me complete an assignment for my degree. Thanks!

10 thoughts on “Christian Life Survey

  1. Disclaimer: Any low scores given are my own shortcomings, not necessarily a reflection on my church.

  2. Our church has a LOT going on with activities geared toward men, women, teens, children, and seniors. Being a middle’aged woman, many of them wouldn’t interest me. My participation level on the survey would be a higher percentage if limited to women’s events. Also I volunteer on Wed. evenings but only during the school year. Some programs take a summer break, so that could also affect one’s level of partication, especially if measured on a monthly basis. I hope this helps. God bless you!

  3. As a Christian, this was a difficult survey for me. I have not attended regular church services in many years. I have tried several denominations and have yet to feel truly comfortable. As a child the minister of our Church sexually abused me, so my trust was broken. I never blamed God, only the man responsible. God continues to guide and direct my life and I try and find ways to share Him through my actions Although I fail often, He is still my strength. I miss the fellowship and learning, but still cannot find the strength to risk another attempt. Church’s are the people and the hardest part for me is knowing that many of these people use the church as a cloak to cover hidden agendas. Someday I will try again. In the meantime, I have started listening to services on TV. I have been pleasantly surprised how much I have enjoyed the sermons. I share this with you only to give insight into why someone who claims to be a Christian would not attend services regularly. As you prepare for your ministry, be aware of the good and the bad that happens inside a church family and don’t be afraid to question the actions of others. Most importantly since you are working with young people, be aware of signs of sexual abuse. You would be shocked at how many young women and men are affected.

  4. I feel church is important but do not often feel like I belong. I have done what I could to be of service to others for years and it has always cost me. Now I find that I no longer have the resources to help. Good luck on the survey

  5. Stopped attending church due to feeling it had become commercial. The musical performances on “stage” with hardly anyone in the “audience” singing. Selling food & drink in the sanctuary up until 2 minutes before service begins. People eating/drinking in the service. People walking around & talking to friends during service. Seems no reverence for God in today’s church.

  6. Normally my attendance is higher both in worship and small group Bibe study. However, family obligations have changed my routine at the present time.

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