Family Ministry for All Videos

Videos available for participants in the Family Ministry for All course at Fairforest Baptist Church.

What is Family Discipleship? 10/9/16

A Family-Equipping Church 10/16/16

Tools for Family Discipleship 10/23/16

Family Ministry w/ Single Parents 10/30/16

Keep it Going 11/6/16

My Values for a Family-Equipping Church

As I have been developing my personal philosophy for a family-equipping church, I came up with these five key points. I believe these are essential for a church that wants to truly train parents to disciple their children.

  • A family-equipping church makes it a priority┬áto train┬áparents to teach the Bible.
  • A family-equipping church teaches parents to see God in everyday life so they can do the same for their children.
  • A family-equipping church prioritizes the role of parents in the lives of their children.
  • A family-equipping church incorporates parental training within current programs.
  • A family-equipping church sends families on mission.